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How To Shoot Jewelry for Instagram: Curating the Perfect Post

How To Shoot Jewelry for Instagram: Curating the Perfect Post

We love our Instagram. Each post takes time and effort and not to mention, a great eye for social media content creation. We craft each post, especially flat lays, with the upmost care in order to properly reflect our brand and our products. Want to know how we do it so well? Keep reading for our tips! 

1. Start with a Prop 

Unless you have a specific piece of jewelry that you want to display, start with a a fun prop. We like plates, mirrors, and plants as great focus centered props for our images. Then, around the prop, begin to curate your jewelry and other products. 

2. Stick to Odd Numbers

Stick to an odd number of items in the post! Odd numbers are more attractive to the eye when it comes to flat lays. Start with 3 items and then layer on top of that. We often start with 2 props and 1 piece of jewelry or 2 pieces of jewelry and 1 prop! 

3. Backgrounds are the Foundation of the Image 

We tend to stick to a white background in order to keep our brand and posts consistent throughout our social media. However, there are tons of great options! You can get creative and use wooden floors, fur, and even concrete if those things fit with the image you are attempting to create. There are also many places to buy flat lay backgrounds online and you can find them with a simple google search. 

4. Color Coordination 

Obviously you aren't going to throw around colors that look crazy together in the same photo but still try and limit the amount of colors that you utilize, especially if you aren't using a solid background. Pick around 3-4 colors at most for your image and make sure that everything in it goes well with your color choices. For example, in the image above, we used a blue, pink, white, and gold plate. All of our jewelry is gold with white or blue stones and we used a white candle with blue and a gold mirror. 4 colors and the photo looks great! 

5. Put a Filter On It 

We use the same filter for every single one of our photos. This helps us to coordinate brand consistency throughout our social media as well as makes sure each of our photos represents our brand. We love our unique filter that we created on Lightroom but there are so many great presets to be found online for free! 


These tips are key to shooting our jewelry flat lays and making sure our Instagram looks 10/10. If you've tried this tips and love them, then comment or share this post! We'd love to share our tips with everyone! Now get out there and create some great stuff! 


Christina Greene

July 20, 2018 by Christina Greene
Summer Favorites + Must Haves

Summer Favorites + Must Haves

We've pulled together some of our favorites in the office that we're loving right now! We're helping you find some great essentials for the summer right here on the blog and for even more, you can head over to our Instagram story and see our favorites from Christina Greene! 


Beauty and fashion go hand in hand and want to share some of our favorite beauty items this summer to keep you fresh faced and shining bright! 

Aloe Vera - You're laughing but we're serious! Sunburns have been so real the past two months and it's so important to take care of your skin after you get one! Keep aloe vera on hand this summer just in case!


It Cosmetics CC Cream - What a lifesaver this summer! This super lightweight foundation provides great buildable coverage and although it's on the pricier end, we promise that it's well worth the money!


Coiled Hair Ties - Have you tried this yet?? They are fantastic replacements for the traditional hair tie! They don't pull your hair out and don't cause the frustrating headaches that often accompany rubber band ties! (plus, they're cuter!)


Obviously we had to include fashion in our summer favorites! Fashion is what we do here so boy we do we have some favorites...

Summer Clutches - Clutches are back and they're good for the daytime! We're living for the bright clutches and how good they look with a Sunday Brunch outfit! 

White Rompers - White rompers have been key this summer. We're seeing so many cute ones all over Instagram and we just might have to go out and buy a few of our own...

Hoop Earrings - Hoop earrings have been huge for a little while now but this summer we've really found a lot of use for them! You can dress them up or dress them down, day or night! We don't see these going out of style any time soon! 

Social Media

We at Christina Greene are very involved in social media and we're constantly liking and pinning and following! Here are some of our social media favs: 

Adobe Spark - For creating awesome stories and social media post, we love using Adobe Spark as a way to add a little bit of oomf to our account! 

@redrhinestone - One of our favorite Houston bloggers and accounts on Instagram! We've been loving her posts and the way she styles her CG! 

@bayoucitylifestyle - Another great Houston blogger that we love! Her posts are so beautiful and we loved watching her updates while she was in Colorado! 

Lifestyle + Misc.

If you've loved our favorites so far, then check these out! These are just the things we've been feelin' this summer that don't quite go into a category!


Spin Class - We know, super basic. But SUPER fun! We've all been doing it this summer because it's such a great workout and very inspiring! 


 River Oaks Donuts - For National Doughnut Day, we grabbed some Christina Greene themed doughnuts and we've been enchanted ever since! Do yourself a favor and stop by when you can if you're in the Houston area!

Blue Field Market - Haven't heard of it? We hadn't either! It happens every Saturday night from 6pm-10pm and it's such a cute collection of makers and a great addition to the Houston Farmer's Markets!


We hope you've enjoyed some of our July and summer favorites for 2018! Let us know what you think! 


Christina Greene

July 17, 2018 by Christina Greene
Hard at Work: Styling Jewelry for the Office

Hard at Work: Styling Jewelry for the Office

What jewelry you wear to work is probably the last thing on your mind. It can be chunky and can get in the way, and often times is hard to style with work outfits. If you need a little assistance in styling jewelry for the office then keep reading! Here at Christina Greene, we have a chalkboard that reads "Jewelry First, Clothing Second" and nothing truer has ever been said in this office! We have perfected the art of designing outfits around our jewelry, especially for work and here are our tips!

1. The lighter the better! 

We're not going to lie, jewelry can definitely get in the way, especially if you're typing on a computer all day! Daintier pieces will weigh less and make it easier to move around. Comfortability is key when working all day and you want to make sure that everything you wear encourages that comfortability. 

Great dainty pieces for the office: 

2. Bracelets are not always your friend 

Although bracelets are a great piece to add to most outfits, you may find that throughout the work day, your bracelets may be getting in the way. Often times they can prevent you from typing or writing comfortably and you just end up taking them off at the end of the day. Try implementing a statement necklace or if you want to draw attention towards your arms or hands, then utilize rings! 

3. Sometimes simple is key 

Some days you need your outfit to be sleek and simple and it can be hard to find the jewelry to pair with it. Plain gold or silver pieces without stones can be a great thing to pair with your outfit and if you have to choose only one thing to wear, a necklace is a great choice that won't get in the way. 

Some of our favorite simple pieces: 

4. Wear multi-use pieces 

Transitioning your jewelry from the office to Happy Hour can be tough, so try and find pieces that you can wear for both! Drop and dangle earrings are great for this and can add a little fun to any outfit. A great gray tone is also the perfect transitional piece as it's not too dark for the day and can still be worn at night! 

Our favorite office to happy hour options: 

We hope we've made wearing jewelry to the office a bit easier so go out and test out these tips and let us know what pieces you love for the office! 


Christina Greene


July 13, 2018 by Christina Greene

How To Mix & Match Christina Greene Jewelry Pieces

2017 saw a lot of bold, mixing and matching throughout the jewelry world. For 2018, it looks like we’re going to continue this trend, so here at Christina Greene Jewelry, we wanted to help you with your mixing and matching when it came to your Christina Greene pieces. Whether you’re a mature businesswoman or a college student you want your outfit to present the right image. Your jewelry should do the same thing. Follow these MUST READ rules when mixing and matching your jewelry pieces.


Even if you’re wearing matching jewelry, it is always best to decide which part of your body you want to show off. Whether it’s your neck, wrists or ears, let this be the focus when it comes to your jewelry. This way, you will look great but you won’t look overwhelming. Our Wire Stackable Cuff is the perfect example of not being too overwhelming and is a great addition to any look! The contemporary elegance of the design makes it the perfect go to accessory. For an even bolder look, try pairing this cuff with our Stackable Ring!


In the past, there was a time and a place for certain pieces of our jewelry. Now if you have a ring or ring set you like to wear daily, incorporate that into your daily jewelry. Since your jewelry should be an extension of you and your personality, plan to make them part of your outfit and add pieces you love and have confidence in!


Jewelry isn’t just about gold and silver pieces anymore. Many women are discovering certain stones complement their outfits and make them feel beautiful. When picking out matching, always consider picking a gemstone that has a special meaning to you. Our Dainty 2 Stone Bangle comes in 9 different stones, making it perfect for any type of women. Choose from Turquoise, Lapis, Amethyst, Pyrite, Orange Quartz, Red Quartz, Black Onyx, Pearl or Labradorite. This best seller is complete with 2 all natural stones and an 18k gold band. Layer it with our Dainty 1 Stone Bangle for a more polished and contemporary look.


Adding new pieces to your jewelry collection never gets old. Visit us today at and start shopping now. From necklaces to rings and bracelets you’re guaranteed to find that perfect piece to add to your jewelry box. No matter what the occasion is, our jewelry will help you look and feel the best! If you’re looking for something unique and fresh, our new collection, THE DECO COLLECTION is perfect for you!

Monthly Birthstones/Gemstones & What They Mean

Just like your astrological sign, your birthstone also says a lot about who you are as a person. The month of which you were born can have an impact on your attitude, personality and many different characteristics that you give off to the world. Since each birthstone is a different gemstone, it can make for a very personalized piece of jewelry that will carries both sentimental and emotional value. For this exact reason, birthstone/gemstone jewelry can make an amazing gift to that special loved one on any special occasion.


For people born in January, they have Garnet as their birthstone. Though Garnet can be found in many colors, the most common stones come in fiery shades such as red, orange and yellow. Garnets have been used to boost the energy for whoever is wearing them and people with Garnet as their birthstone are usually protectors and are very supportive of their friends and family.


Amethyst usually stands out because of its beautiful purple color. Traditionally, amethysts have been thought to fight off evil and promote peace. People born in February, tend to be honest and courageous when dealing with people and the world around them.


Just like its name, the aquamarine stone derives their color from the ocean and are found in a range of different blue shades. Somethings associated with love this stone is also thought to have healing powers. For the people who have an aquamarine birthstone, they tend to prioritize family time.


Diamonds are associated with luxury and glamour, so diamonds are very common among all jewelry wearers. For April babies with a diamond birthstone, they tend to be  more romantic in nature.


Just like diamonds, pearl jewelry is extremely common, even for those who don’t have a birthday in June. But for those that do have a June birthday, they get to appreciate it in a different way. Associated with modesty, pearls have also been thought to be a sign of a stable relationship, so those who have pearl as a birthstone are considered to be nurtures and tend to have a light hearted personality that will draw others to them.


Known as the “King of Gems”, Ruby’s are usually associated with royalty because of the richness in its color. Though most are a very blood red, the stone can also vary in softer shades of pink. It’s fitting that rubies are seen as a sign of power since they’re associated with royalty. The ruby birthstone helps make a bold statement so it’s no wonder as to why July people are considered to be charismatic and outgoing.


Used to keep evil and depression away, peridot may not be as well-known as some of the other birthstones. That makes it no less beautiful and unique though! Since peridot isn’t commonly incorporated into mainstream jewelry, this can make peridot jewelry that much more special, since it is rarely worn.


The brilliant blues of sapphire make them standout in jewelry, particularly against a silver or platinum setting. Though rarer, sapphires can also be found in shades of yellow, orange, purple, and green.

For those born in September, sapphires are associated with dignity and September babies usually exhibit traits of honesty and strength, without being overly emotional.


One of the more commonly used stones these days, opals are semi-precious and their luminescent quality is often what makes them stand out. As an actual birthstone, opals are linked with compassion and open-heartedness, and people who wear them exhibit enthusiasm towards the world around them.


Both topaz and citrine stones are associated with November birthdays, and both are usually found in shades of yellow, orange and brown. These stones are meant to be good luck for those who wear them and people linked to these birthstones are considered to be fair-minded and friendly.


Closing out the birthstone calendar, Turquoise stones is known for its good fortune and positive energy. This is perfect timing for the season it lands in- often cold and dark, turquoise’s bright hues stand out.

Now that you know everything you need to know about birthstones, from its unique look and style to what it says about the individual wearing it, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Shop all of our stone jewelry right here at

Christina Greene’s Best Sellers

Christina Greene’s Best Sellers

Best sellers, really do make the best gifts! That’s why here at Christina Greene Jewelry, we have rounded up the best selling Christina Greene Jewelry of 2017, to help make your decisions a bit easier.  Whether you’re shopping for a minimalist (hint: try our Christina Greene Stud Earrings in Pearl) or looking to make a statement with your gift (hint: check out this Squash Blossom Necklace in Turquoise), you’ll always find something absolutely perfect for your hard to buy for friend or family member.

Navajo Hoop Earrings

These Christina Greene Navajo Hoops are sure to become your new favorite hoop earrings. 18k gold plated over hypoallergenic and nickel free brass earrings feature a chain texture with small turquoise stones running down the center. If you are looking to match these with another piece, our Christina Greene Cable Bangle will definitely complete your look!

Christina Greene Gold Collar Choker

Gold necklaces is always a solid choice for a gift, so it should be no surprise to see our Christina Greene Gold Collar Choker making this best selling list. This Gold Collar made by Christina Greene is the perfect choker style necklace to dress up any look. The collar is made from 18k gold plating and it features an adjustable opening to fit all sizes. If you are looking to enhance this already perfect look, you can pair this gold collar with our Squash Blossom Pendant or our Southwestern Pendant.

Meridian Necklace in Black Onyx

Last, but certainly not least, is our Christina Greene Meridian Necklace in Black Onyx. 30 inches in length, this women’s meridian necklace is definitely a piece for all gold lovers. Featuring a smooth gold finish with a center stone, it is perfect by itself or layered with other necklaces as well.

No matter what you buy when you’re shopping for Christina Greene Jewelry online, it’s guaranteed to be a huge hit. We have so many amazing and perfect women’s jewelry pieces, we just wanted to make a quick list for our customers and let them know which pieces are our best sellers. For our full list of Christina Greene Best Sellers, visit us today at

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An Interview with Christina Greene, CEO of Christina Greene Jewelry

  1. Earlier last week, we had the privilege of interviewing Christina Greene, CEO of Christina Greene Jewelry in Houston, Texas. Christina tells us all about the jewelry industry, how she designs her pieces, tips for new entrepreneurs and so much more.

Good morning Christina, thank you for joining me, let’s get right into the thick of things here –

What’s the story behind Christina Greene Jewelry?

We started back in 2011, based in Houston, Texas, and I really wanted to bring a fresh new perspective to jewelry design. So I came out with a one-of-a-kind collection that highlights the beauty of natural stones from all over the world. Each of our pieces are actually designed in our companies Houston, Texas studio and is then crafted by a team of skilled artisans in Jaipur, India. The companies roots date back a year before, to 2010, when I started hand-making my own jewelry by pairing stone beads such as turquoise, amethyst, citrine and coral with gold plated chains purchases from local jewelry supply shows. My first big break was at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo where a women loved one of the necklaces I was wearing so much, she bought it right off me. That’s when I had something new and unique.

Did you always want to own your own business?

Yes. I never knew that it would be a jewelry business but I always dreamed to be an entrepreneur. Lets just say that I work really well for myself… having a boss wasn’t always the easiest thing for me. I am lucky to say that I turned my hobby into a full-time position for myself and employees!

Where do you see Christina Greene Jewelry in 5 years? 10 years?

Career and company growth. Being a start up, I can only hope for continued growth in the next 5 and 10 years. Whether this might be opening new store accounts, a larger office and team, or even opening my own store, I am very excited to see what the future holds for Christina Greene LLC! Ideally, and I think we are on a great path to do so, I’d love to be in major department stores and worn by celebrities. 

How do you come up with the designs for your pieces? Do you use certain trends?

A trend I stick to: “Designing what I, myself would wear.” Yes - I look at trends and do some research but my designs typically come from one piece of inspiration and develop from there. For example, the collection, “The Dorothy” was inspired by a ring that my Great Aunt gave me before she passed. Each piece in the whole collection was then named a different lady in my family. 

You’re very successful for a young business owner, what would you say to anyone looking to start their own jewelry line or business? 

Start small and grow slow. Try not to take on too much too quick because you will overwork yourself. Listen to your customers and the people around you. My biggest support group is my customers, friends and family. The biggest piece of advice is to not be scared. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone but have fun with it! As a small business owner new things are thrown your way every day.

A great story, from a great woman and CEO. To check out Christina Greene’s full jewelry collection visit them at and buy your loved one the perfect gift this holiday season! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Stone Jewelry by Christina Greene

Stone Jewelry by Christina Greene

Whether or not you believe gemstones are meant for display or decoration, for making wishes or for wearing, there is absolutely no denying their power to attract others. Here at Christina Greene Jewelry we truly have a one-of-a-kind collection that highlights the beauty of natural stones from all over the world. Each piece is designed in our companies studio, here in Houston Texas, and is crafted by a team of skilled artisans in Jaipur. Genuine semi-precious stones and 18k gold plating over hypoallergenic and nickel-free brass are just some of the high-quality hallmarks that go into Christina Greene Jewelry. In the world of semi-precious stones there are so many to pick from, so here are our 2 favorites! 


You can never go wrong with a traditional piece of turquoise jewelry both vintage and new. If you’re like us, you will absolutely LOVE our Turquoise Hoop Earrings. These hoop earrings are a true classic and a must have for anyone. Made from 18K gold over hypoallergenic brass, they will have you be the envy of all your friends. Looking to pair them with something beautiful as well? These Turquoise Hoop Earrings would go perfect with our delicate necklace and stackable ring.

Red Quartz

In 2016, it was a Pantone color of the year, now it’s red quartz. Also know as tangerine quartz or strawberry quartz, it’s transparent with an orange or red cast. Red Quartz is prized for its association with encouraging positive action and producing an abundance of physical energy and clear vitality. Since it has many of the properties of clear quartz, it is considered a dynamic healing tool. One of our favorite pieces is the Dainty 2 Stone Red Quartz Bangle. This stunning bangle is complete with 2 all natural stones and an 18k gold band. Layer this piece with our Dainty 1 Stone Bangle to give yourself a polished and contemporary look.

If you’re looking for your next stoned jewelry piece, look no further then Christina Greene Jewelry. The companies roots date back to 2010, when Christina started hand-making her own jewelry by pairing stone beads such as turquoise stones, amethyst stones, citrine stones and coral with gold plated chains. You are guaranteed to find something you will love and cherish forever. Shop all your stoned jewelry needs today only at


How To Layer Necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces

Nothing completes a great outfit quite like the perfect necklace, but sometimes we don’t want to stop at just one. If you’re rushing out the door or looking for an easy way to dress up that plain white tee shirt, layered necklaces can take you from ordinary to fashionable in two seconds flat. If you’re not quite sure how to, but love the style of the layered necklace, then keep reading to learn our 5 best ways to wear layering necklaces like a pro! 


Choose necklaces in three varieties of length- short, medium and long, to get the most out of this look.


Be sure you’ve got a healthy mix of clearly defined lengths, starting from the shortest of 13” to the longest at 34”.


With a deeply elongated look, this style plunges down the neckline creating length on the upper body. Let it hang out, or tuck it into the neckline of your top and let the top of your necklace peek out.


Why not add a bold necklace to incorporate into your layered look? This acts as the focal point of the look, while the smaller, daintier necklaces look as though you always have those on, and just threw on this stunner piece to punctuate your look. 


If you want to make your standard and casual outfit to stand out make sure to add a layered necklace to your collection. We all have busy lives and styling our outfits could take a while, therefore the already layered necklace is a great alternative to put together your look in seconds.

Chrstina Greene Holiday Gift Guide

Chrstina Greene Holiday Gift Guide

The gift giving season is fast approaching and with it, the seemingly never-ending lists of friends and family you need to shop for. At Christina Greene Jewelry, we know how stressful the holidays can be, so we put together a list of some of our favorite Christina Greene Pieces to help you pick the perfect present for that perfect friend or family member. Ranging from 18k Gold Simple Necklaces to Gold Hoop Earrings, you are sure to find something for everybody!

First up we have our best selling, Stackable Ring. Available in nine stones: Turquoise, Lapis, Amethyst, Pyrite, Orange Quartz, Red Quartz, Red Onyx, Pearl and Labradorite, this stunning, stackable ring will have all your friends and family asking for one. This head turning women’s stackable ring has 18k gold plate over hypoallergenic and nickel-free bass, fits sizes 5.5 and up and the dimensions of the stone are 1.3cm x 1.5cm; 1cm. This ring is one our most bought pieces and it’s guaranteed to sell fast so order yours before it’s too late.

Next we have our Christina Greene, 18k Gold Collar. If you have a friend or loved one that loves simple, yet elegant gold jewelry, this is the perfect piece for them. This Gold Collar truly is the perfect choker style necklace to dress up any look. Made from 18k gold over hypoallergenic and nickel free bass, it also features an adjustable opening to fit everyone of all sizes. Pair this women’s choker necklace with our Squash Blossom Pendant, our Southwestern Pendant, Devon Pendant, Bardot Pendant or simply wear it alone.

Looking for a pair of beautiful earrings for your next event? No problem, we have you covered! Our Christina Greene Stud Earrings are the perfect complimentary piece to go with any outfit you choose to wear. Our studs are a serious must-have in your jewelry collection. Perfect for everyday wearing, you’ll want to have every color they come in. 

The holidays are the time for giving, so why not give your closest friends and loved ones something they will use and cherish: Christina Greene Jewelry. Celebrate this holiday season in style and visit for this holiday seasons hottest trends in women’s jewelry.