Large Turquoise Faceted Hat Band

New Arrival

Personalize your favorite hats with our hand-crafted turquoise faceted beaded hat band. This hat band features turquoise faceted beads that adorn the center of the leather band. Crafted from the finest North American deer hides, this hat band is soft, strong, and supple. Due to the self-tie nature of this hat band, it can be adjusted to best fit every cowboy hat in your collection. You can customize this hat band further to your preference by selecting your favorite color of leather band from those offered. This turquoise hat band can also be repurposed and worn as a necklace!

Please note, due to the nature of how natural turquoise forms as well as faceted beading, your hat band may vary in color and beads may have slight variations in shape-- making your handmade hat band 100% unique to you!


BAND FABRICATION: Deerskin Lace Leather

MATERIAL: Turquoise Stone Beads

SIZE: Self-Tie, One Size Fits All, Deerskin Band approx 1mm in thickness


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