Inspiration Behind The Ginkgo Leaves Collection

My love for travel is displayed in several of my collections and this collection is no different. After several trips to Asia, I fell in love with the Ginkgo Leaf Tree, known as the Maidenhair tree. Not only did I fall in love with the beauty of the tree and the leaves but I fell in love with the meaning of the tree. The ginkgo's distinctive fan-shaped leaf symbolizes longevity and of a more profound endurance. The Ginkgo Tree is the longest living tree. 

In addition to symbolizing longevity, life, and endurance, the Ginkgo Tree symbolizes strength which as a female entrepreneur and business owner hits home. My vision for this collection is for The Ginkgo Leaves Collection to bring strength, longevity, and endurance to women who wear the collection.

The pieces are designed to be worn alone as a dainty necklace or layered to make a statement.


This collection is much different than most of my other collections as most of the pieces are mostly gold with the exception of the use of Pearls in a few of the designs. The Pearls were added as an accent and are known for their calming effect.

Happy Shopping!



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