Hard at Work: Styling Jewelry for the Office

What jewelry you wear to work is probably the last thing on your mind. It can be chunky and can get in the way, and often times is hard to style with work outfits. If you need a little assistance in styling jewelry for the office then keep reading! Here at Christina Greene, we have a chalkboard that reads "Jewelry First, Clothing Second" and nothing truer has ever been said in this office! We have perfected the art of designing outfits around our jewelry, especially for work and here are our tips!

1. The lighter the better! 

We're not going to lie, jewelry can definitely get in the way, especially if you're typing on a computer all day! Daintier pieces will weigh less and make it easier to move around. Comfortability is key when working all day and you want to make sure that everything you wear encourages that comfortability. 

Great dainty pieces for the office: 

2. Bracelets are not always your friend 

Although bracelets are a great piece to add to most outfits, you may find that throughout the work day, your bracelets may be getting in the way. Often times they can prevent you from typing or writing comfortably and you just end up taking them off at the end of the day. Try implementing a statement necklace or if you want to draw attention towards your arms or hands, then utilize rings! 

3. Sometimes simple is key 

Some days you need your outfit to be sleek and simple and it can be hard to find the jewelry to pair with it. Plain gold or silver pieces without stones can be a great thing to pair with your outfit and if you have to choose only one thing to wear, a necklace is a great choice that won't get in the way. 

Some of our favorite simple pieces: 

4. Wear multi-use pieces 

Transitioning your jewelry from the office to Happy Hour can be tough, so try and find pieces that you can wear for both! Drop and dangle earrings are great for this and can add a little fun to any outfit. A great gray tone is also the perfect transitional piece as it's not too dark for the day and can still be worn at night! 

Our favorite office to happy hour options: 

We hope we've made wearing jewelry to the office a bit easier so go out and test out these tips and let us know what pieces you love for the office! 


Christina Greene


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