How To Shoot Jewelry for Instagram: Curating the Perfect Post

We love our Instagram. Each post takes time and effort and not to mention, a great eye for social media content creation. We craft each post, especially flat lays, with the upmost care in order to properly reflect our brand and our products. Want to know how we do it so well? Keep reading for our tips! 

1. Start with a Prop 

Unless you have a specific piece of jewelry that you want to display, start with a a fun prop. We like plates, mirrors, and plants as great focus centered props for our images. Then, around the prop, begin to curate your jewelry and other products. 

2. Stick to Odd Numbers

Stick to an odd number of items in the post! Odd numbers are more attractive to the eye when it comes to flat lays. Start with 3 items and then layer on top of that. We often start with 2 props and 1 piece of jewelry or 2 pieces of jewelry and 1 prop! 

3. Backgrounds are the Foundation of the Image 

We tend to stick to a white background in order to keep our brand and posts consistent throughout our social media. However, there are tons of great options! You can get creative and use wooden floors, fur, and even concrete if those things fit with the image you are attempting to create. There are also many places to buy flat lay backgrounds online and you can find them with a simple google search. 

4. Color Coordination 

Obviously you aren't going to throw around colors that look crazy together in the same photo but still try and limit the amount of colors that you utilize, especially if you aren't using a solid background. Pick around 3-4 colors at most for your image and make sure that everything in it goes well with your color choices. For example, in the image above, we used a blue, pink, white, and gold plate. All of our jewelry is gold with white or blue stones and we used a white candle with blue and a gold mirror. 4 colors and the photo looks great! 

5. Put a Filter On It 

We use the same filter for every single one of our photos. This helps us to coordinate brand consistency throughout our social media as well as makes sure each of our photos represents our brand. We love our unique filter that we created on Lightroom but there are so many great presets to be found online for free! 


These tips are key to shooting our jewelry flat lays and making sure our Instagram looks 10/10. If you've tried this tips and love them, then comment or share this post! We'd love to share our tips with everyone! Now get out there and create some great stuff! 


Christina Greene

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