Spotlight: Intern Claudia Leiva

This week I would love to highlight Claudia, our Merchandising Intern. Check out what she has to say about first learning about Christina Greene, her role as an Intern and what her dream job would be.

When did you first hear about Christina Greene? 

I first heard of Christina Greene through my father before my 2017 college summer. He was driving for Uber one day and it so happened that a former Christina Greene employed rode with him. They started talking and he mentioned how he had a daughter studying fashion marketing and that she was looking for a summer internship.  She told him that she worked in a jewelry company called Christina Greene and they were always looking to hire new interns to come in and work for them. She gave him her card and told him that I should reach out in case I was interested in interning at CG for the summer. And so I did and here I am! 

Can you briefly describe your role as an intern in Christina Greene?

As an Intern, I help out with different projects that are always going on in the company. It can range from checking and cataloging instore merchandise, writing out product descriptions; to helping out with social media content. 

What is your signature piece of jewelry from Christina Greene that you could not live without?

It has to be my Labrodite stud earrings. I can pair them up with any outfit and I love the healing properties that the stone has.   

What is your dream job? 

My dream job is to one day be running the social media marketing team of a fashion or none fashion brand. I have always had a fascination with how much social media can influence people into buying products and even change their views on topics. 

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would it be? 

Tokyo, for sure! I have a three-page list of things that I want to do and see while in Tokyo.

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