From The Couch to The Grocery Store.

Who would have thought that going to the grocery store would become an event? Here at CG, we made a list of products we keep in our purse to keep us stylish, yet safe when making our weekly food run. 

The Purse: The purse I have been carrying the most this Summer is our White and Turquoise  agate clutch. It is the perfect interchangeable bag for day to night activities. 

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The Card Case: This card case took me a long time to find. I wanted the classic black leather with a fun detail. This Saint Laurent card case checked all the boxes for me. I have had this for a few years and it is really holding up to the test. 

Random Stuff: My chapstick is Sol de Janeiro from Sephora. (it's a must have)  My $15 sunglasses are from Amazon. I always (even before Covid ) had peppermint + citrus hand sanitizer spray.

The fabric face masks I purchased for the store. I have been loving this Summer Malvern. It has the perfect Summer colors. 

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