As Seen On: CultureMap Houston - January 2024

Rodeo season in Houston doesn't officially kick-off (in our minds) until we launch our annual scarf collaboration with Saturday Silks! We're thrilled to announce that in addition to the launch of our 2024 Houston Rodeo Scarf and first-ever Twilly, Christina Greene has been featured in CultureMap Houston. Shop our limited-edition new arrivals here and then head over to CultureMap Houston to read the full article. Here's a sneak peek of the interview with Christina:

CM: Since you designed these pieces, could you share how best to wear them?

CG: I feel that everyone has a different way that they love to wear scarves. I had a scarf on last night because I spilled something on my shirt so it covered it up.

CM: Man, I need to get some scarves…

CG: [Laughs] So the beauty about this scarf is it has a lot of bright colors in it: there’s red, there’s navy — everyone loves to wear a good jean out to Rodeo — and there’s our signature turquoise in here. So your turquoise jewelry goes with it.

You know, we’ll probably have that one cold day: throw it on with your fur vest or fur jacket and that way you have that pop of color. I’m a big white button down girl, but I’m also a big blazer girl. So those are two really important ways you could wear it. Another of my favorite ways is to just fold it in half and throw it over your shoulders.

I’ve been using our statement ring to make it as a scarf ring, just like the pearl, which makes it a statement over a white blouse. I’ve also seen men roll it up and wear it inside of their shirts, as well.

CM: Yeah, I’m trying that this year for sure.

CG: Yeah! So the nice thing is there are many ways that you can wear it. I’ve also had a customer tie around her waist and wear it as a belt. One girl wore it as a top!

Read the full interview here.


A photo of the CultureMap Houston article titled "Favorite Houston jewelry star unwraps coveted, limited-edition rodeo scarves"

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