What's In My Bag? - Christina Greene's Marketing Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Bryan and I'm the marketing and sales intern at Christina Greene LLC! You might have seen me on the Instagram story doing try ons or showing off our pieces but if you haven't, then it's good to meet you! I wanted to show everyone what I have in my current bag! 

I switch to a new purse virtually every season and during the summer, I generally have two bags that I use. For work, I have a larger bag that can carry a laptop and a notebook and everything that I need from 9 to 5. BUT when I'm just running errands or hanging out with friends, I carry a different purse and that's what I want to show you today! 

The Bag: My purse for the Summer of 2018 is a gray Kate Spade crossbody bag that I bought at the Kate Spade outlet for only $80! I love it because it carries literally everything I'll ever need to have with me! 

What's In it: 

1. My keys: My keys will of course be found in any bag that I'm carrying. I have them on a Big O keychain that I absolutely love! It's been a real life-saver when fumbling around in my purse for my keys. My wallet is also attached to my keychain as I hardly ever carry cash so a small keychain wallet is all I need! 

2. Sunglasses: It's summer in Houston so I always have my sunglasses on me! Ray Bans are my favorites, especially the aviators and clubmasters. Right now, I frequently put on my green aviators, so those are in my bag right now! 

3. Chapstick: I love chapstick! I put it on about 100 times per day. In my purse right now, I have a Baby Lips chapstick that has a slight shimmery nude tint. 

4. Lotion: I try and carry lotion when I have a travel bottle laying around! Just something good to always have with you just in case!

5. Mints: Usually I have some sort of gum or mint in my purse in case I need a quick refresher after I eat or just something to chew on! 

6. Jewelry: I don't know exactly why, but I always have a pair of earrings or a necklace in my purse. It usually either comes from taking it off during the day or having to change later. Right now I have the Christina Greene hoop earrings in labradorite because I changed into a smaller pair of earrings! 

7. Apple Watch Charger: I recently got an Apple Watch and I've quickly learned how fast the battery can deplete so I've had to start carrying my charger around with me everywhere just in case! 


I hope you've enjoyed getting a little sneak peak into my day to day purse! Let us know what you think and don't forget to keep checking back for more blog posts! 



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